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Censoring for religion

As you may have heard by now the latest Katy Perry video has been censored by YouTube because of some Muslims stepping forward claiming it was blasphemous.  That’s right, Muslims were crying about blasphemy yet again, but most disturbingly was the fact that yet again society has bent over backwards to appease them.  What could have been so offensive you might ask?!?

The picture above is the scene that caused so much controversy.  On the left is the original video, you will notice a symbol hanging from his necklace.  It is a supposed symbol of Allah, and in the video Perry destroys the gentleman wearing it.  This horrible act propelled many Muslims to create a petition to remove the video from the internet and existence.  So under the pressure YouTube removed the symbol, as you can see in the right image.  This is quite ridiculous.  Here is another example of an imaginary crime being upheld because of ridiculous religious beliefs.  MrOzAtheist said it best in his post:

Censorship based on religious sensibilities is dangerous and is a real threat to the freedom of people who don’t subscribe to the religion in question (and to those who do). It would be one thing to go into a religion’s building such as a mosque and offend the believers, but no one is forcing anyone to watch the Katy Perry video. No one is being forced to read the Jesus and Mo cartoons. The only forcing here is being done by the religious extremists – forcing people to submit to their whims. They need to understand that they don’t get to tell other people what they should find sacred. They don’t get to tell other people what they should and shouldn’t be offended by.

If person x is offended by something but person y isn’t the solution isn’t to allow neither of them to see it – the solution is that person x doesn’t watch. Simple. I don’t expect laws to be made to protect my feelings
  I couldn’t agree more, and thus the reason I stepped forward with my YouTube account and made a video myself.  With it I am hoping to call more of the YouTubers to make a video as well.  Stepping up to show that no religious belief has authority over anyone’s free speech.  The probability that Perry deliberately added that symbol in her video to piss off Muslims is so slim I have a better chance of meeting Mohammed myself. But my video is to highlight the ridiculousness of this entire case.  Here is the most offensive video I ever made.

So if you are tired of the religious crying out blasphemy every time the wind blows and getting their way, here is your chance to fight back. If you have a YouTube channel, I have a call to action for you!!!  Make a video, something short and expressing your stance against this, past and future cases.  If you don’t have a channel but want to help in other way, if you are familiar with @perth_atheist, he has started a petition in response to all of this.   Don’t allow Katy Perry to censor her work.

Thank you for reading, please share these pieces of work.  We can bring reason and logic to the world.

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  1. Yeah, this is bullshit. Religion has always used fear to control others. Islam is just currently the best at it. We cannot live in fear, we must be able to openly mock and criticize religion if we ever want it to go away.

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