19 thoughts on “LIVE Atheist Hangouts

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  2. Anthony Magnabosco

    I love that the atheist community conducts events like this.

  3. Andrea (@NiceAtheistGirl)

    Free will is an amorphous concept. Since humans are an amalgamation of genetics, brain chemistry, experience, random outside influences, hormones, etc., it could be argued that one’s physical/mental/environmental composition ‘predestines’ any decision one is likely to make. The random nature of the universe proffers the opportunity to take an action that may be counter to one’s typical inclination, but it would still be within the confines of one’s own reality and therefore not as willful as it may appear.

    If all of that makes no sense or is absolute rubbish, please choose to forget you ever read it and let us never speak of it again.

    1. Jens

      Or – to quote John Lennon – “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”

  4. Del boi

    What is free will when all your thoughts,plans and even dreams are known and have already been “written”? It’s like playing out a script

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  6. Francesca

    The bible + dick jokes + random references = happiness (Bible Reloaded)

  7. Francesca

    Holy shit Hugo and Jake look soo different from what I imagined

  8. Jens

    Don’t you guys have some light at home? Electricity restrictions? Looks like one of those “anonymous employee reports” interviews.


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