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We support Kalei Wilson

As you may have heard by now about the 15 year old Kalei Wilson in North Carolina that wanted to start a secular student club at her public high school.  Well the school’s administration denied her club, and you can assume why.  Her parents contacted the Secular Students Alliance and Freedom from Religion Foundation, and after a few letters from the organizations, the schools administration changed their mind and allowed the club.  This is the very reason why we have and need these national organizations, to help those in our community and enforce that all are being treated equal.

Unfortunately I heard some very disturbing news this week, because of harassment, insults and threats from classmates, teachers and people within her community Kalei no longer wishes to head a secular club.  This saddens me more than words can say, it is apparent that the community she lives in can not handle someone that thinks differently.  But even worse is the fact that she stuck her neck out there and it seems she may be receiving backlash for the rest of her days in high school.

Mark Sandlin of The God Article, along side the amazing awesome youngest atheist activist Madison Kimery came together to make a blog post and video in support to Kalei.  Thanking her for all of her hard work and most importantly to let her know that she has support, and she is not alone.  Within the post, Mark & Madison put a call out to others to make a video or write a blog post to let Kalei know she is not alone and we are here for her. (http://www.thegodarticle.com/7/post/2014/03/uniting-in-the-face-of-belief-based-discrimination-bullying.html)  Well as the community does, they have stepped up and the videos are coming in.

Mark and Shanon Nebo of Be Secular:

ZombieAtheist of The Heathen Half Hour:

Tanner Campbell of Secular Programming:

Godless Engineer




Mark of the Liberal Beard

Joy of Uncertainty

The Amazing Atheist

Thank you so much Kalei for stepping forward and we are very sorry that you have had to go through this. If I missed a video or you have a blog post, please notify me and I will add them here. Thank you.

UPDATED (3/5/2014)

David Smalley of Dogma Debate

Steve McClung

Rant with Jeff

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  1. The Opinionated Atheist New Zealand facebook Group totally supports Kalei Wilson, and I’m sure all the Hobbits here in Middle Earth would too, if they existed.

  2. Steve McClung says:

  3. Dave Kool says:

    You’re not alone Kalei, you have supporters up here in Canada too!

  4. lovewalela says:

    Bless that girl! I am not an atheist. BUT, I do believe that she has every right in the world to have an atheist club at her school! And anyone who terrorizes her should be ashamed of themselves! I guess , they forgot that their god is/was watching. Smh.

  5. So things haven’t changed that much since the days of the inquisition. It’s just unbelievable that people still in this day and age believe in this nonsense. The funny thing is that these people who behave like this, haunting a little girl that wants to set up a club, are the same people that want us to respect them for believing in some form of Santa Clause.

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